Introducing Mindful Campus. Introducing Mindful Campus.

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Undoing Your Stress Knots

An arrow pointing down next to two eyes that look anxious.

Mindfulness won’t slow you down it’ll give you the fuel to keep you going.

This new program developed by the Centre for Mindfulness Studies in Toronto, is made just for art and design students like you. This winter and spring, we're launching videos you can watch on your own time, in-person classes in groups and pop-ups to help your mental health. Just like eating or washing your brushes, mindfulness is easy to fit into your busy life to keep you going strong as an artist or designer.

OK, Mindful Campus.

Mindfulness is just like physical exercise - with some practice and if you use it every day, you'll be less stressed and more focused.

Less time for stress means more time for you. Less time for stress means more time for you.

It's not about changing what you do or who you are - it's about changing how you feel about your thoughts so you can better manage your busy life..

Fuel your creativity.

A simple, daily mindfulness practice can give you fuel for your commute, your school work, your time at work and your chill time with your friends.