The Mindful Campus program launched at OCAD University in winter, 2023 and is expanding in the fall in an even bigger way to four other partner art and design post-secondary institutions across Canada.


Mindfulness is a shorthand term for a set of practices that help you manage stress and anxiety, and build resilience.

When we’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, we can spend a lot of time worrying about what might happen in the future, regretting things in the past, or judging ourselves for what we’re doing or how we’re feeling. This takes time and mental energy away from attending to what is really important to us¾our work, our friends and family and our fun.

Mindfulness helps us pay attention to whatever is happening to us in the present moment. When we stop to connect with the present, it’s easier to become aware of our patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviour, and react in a sensible way.

Mindfulness isn’t meant to slow us down — 
it gives us the fuel to keep us going.

Mindfulness is mainly practiced by focusing your attention on one thing, like your breath, sounds, objects, your body and your thoughts without judgement. It’s not about changing what you do or who you are—it’s about changing how you feel about your thoughts so you can better manage your busy life.

This new Mindful Campus program is unique from other programs because it was developed specifically for art and design students like you.

The program has a few elements

  1. Video lessons teaching you about mindfulness and how to practice it. You can watch these videos on your own time and at your own pace.
  2. In-person and virtual group classes you can sign up for.
  3. Mindfulness training for staff and new student wellness peer support workers.
  4. Videos to help you practice your own mindfulness and talk about health.
  5. Pop-up activities on campus to help you take a breather from your work, socialize and learn more about mindfulness.